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The aerospace and defense (A&D) ecosystem – including the military, private sector, academia, and government – must consider a huge number of factors as autonomous systems become more common in the sea, on the land, and above the battlefield.

AI, MOSA, and the Future of Secure Uncrewed Warfare

NEWS FEATURE | 3-13-24

Today's most advanced aerial platforms—whether a commercial airliner, fighter jet, helicopter or unmanned system—compete as much based on their computing and electronic sophistication as traditional performance benchmarks.

The Weakest Link: How To Avoid Aerospace And Tech Vendor Lock-In

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Rust offers a promising solution for more secure, reliable code and has the potential to transform safety-critical software development.

The Benefits of Using Rust for Mission-Critical Systems

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Board Memeber, Michel Genard shares Lynx's motivation behind acquiring Thompson Software Solutions.

Lynx Acquires Thompson Software Solutions

VIDEO | 1-9-24
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With the 2021 SolarWinds breach, attackers proved the value of manipulating the codebase of a popular enterprise monitoring program to infiltrate and spread along the software supply chain. 

2024 Trends Affecting Software Product Security


The pace of technological change presents opportunities and challenges for every organization today. And no industry is poised to be more transformed by the latest innovations than aerospace and defense.

Innovate Vs. Upgrade: New Technologies And Legacy Systems

GUEST FEATURE | 12-14-23
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I am thrilled to welcome the entirety of the Timesys team into the Lynx family. I have been really impressed with the capabilities of the technology and, as important, if not more, of the openness and transparency of the team during the due diligence process. 

Embracing Innovation, Collaboration, and Growth with Timesys Acquisition


Board Memeber, Michel Genard shares Lynx's motivation behind acquiring Timesys.

Lynx Acquires Timesys

VIDEO | 12-12-23
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Across a diverse set of markets, cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Behind the more intentional attacks is a desire to extract valuable information from a system or compromise/modify its behavior. 

C2 Server: What Is It? What Can Be Done to Thwart Them?


From providing support products and services for space-focused efforts to leveraging newly acquired access to unique resources, an exciting time for new tech startups may be on the horizon. Below, 20 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss ways tech companies could soon both serve and benefit from the burgeoning space industry.

20 Ways Tech Startups Could Tap Into A Trillion-Dollar Space Industry

GUEST FEATURE | 11-29-23
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We strongly believe our focus should be increasingly centered on integration. If there is a compelling, complementary technology to what Lynx offers, we focus on proving that our customers can efficiently and effectively harness the 3rd party technology in a low-risk way. Learn more about this concept and our LYNX MOSA.ic product from Lynx VP of Marketing, Ian Ferguson.

An Intro to LYNX MOSA.ic

VIDEO | 11-20-23
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Multi-access edge computing is a network architecture designed to bring technology resources closer to client devices and end users by providing computing and cloud-based processes at the edge of the network. We ask industry leaders how it all works.

How ‘Multi-Access Edge Computing’ Brings the Edge Closer to Home

GUEST FEATURE | 11-24-23
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The concept of “digital transformation” is hardly new. Since the ‘90s, the phrase has become a widely used, some would say overused, term to describe strategic initiatives organizations undertake to leverage technology and drive innovation in their operations. As our company celebrates its 35th year, the executive team has been giving this concept renewed attention, spurred by the rapid rise of generative AI (GenAI).

How AI is Being Used in Aviation


Lynx VP of Marketing, Ian Ferguson goes into the details of the constitute parts of LYNX MOSA.ic.

A Deeper Diver into LYNX MOSA.ic

VIDEO | 11-21-23
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Rust is a new systems-programming language that eliminates dangerous memory bugs while providing high performance. It has the potential to transform safety-critical software development through its innovative ownership model guaranteeing memory safety. 

A New Hope for More Secure Defense Systems?

GUEST FEATURE | 11-20-23

With high-profile breaches making headlines daily, no company today can afford to neglect cybersecurity. But for those developing mission-critical technologies, ones where lives are on the line, protecting systems and data is more than just a priority.

No Excuses: Prioritizing Security For Mission-Critical Technology

GUEST FEATURE | 10-30-23
cyber threats

Cybersecurity vulnerability looms over the worldwide aviation industry, calling for a firm embrace on cybersecurity awareness, standards and best practices

Cyber Threat: Aviation’s Clear and Present Danger?

GUEST FEATURE | 10-25-23
cyber threats

In this video, Dan Westerberg, Lynx Senior Applications Engineer talks about LYNX MOSA.ic and RunSafe Security's alkemist code protection capabilities.

Lynx Demo: LYNX MOSA.ic and RunSafe Security Alkemist Code

VIDEO | 10-16-23
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Today, edge computing is playing a major role in virtually every industry by enabling data analysis in real-time or near-real-time and delivering key business insights. See our feature in this highlight.

6 Real-World Edge Computing Use Cases

NEWS FEATURE | 10-4-23

In this blog, James Deutch, Principal Field Applications Engineer talks about how to set up a LYNX MOSA.ic environment to update subjects.

Adjusting System Functionality and Capabilities in LYNX MOSA.ic

TECH BLOG | 9-29-23

This blog shares some of what we heard out of the inaugural MOSA Summit that took place September 18 and 19 in Atlanta.

MOSA Summit 2023

MOSA Summit 2023 Crowd Photo-1

Lynx Board Member, Michel Genard, shares details on what customers can expect from our partnership announcement with RunSafe Security.

Lynx Executive Voice: Our Partnership with RunSafe Security

VIDEO | 9-21-23
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Lynx CEO, Tim Reed is featured in the September 2023 issue of the Military Embedded Systems Resource Guide. Read up on his piece covering MOSA, AI, and unsafe programming languages.



Based on several customers inquiries the purpose of this blog is to outline how to 

  • Allocate memory to a RAM disk
  • Mount and unmount a RAM disk
  • Create a shared read-only RAM disk between two subjects

Using and Sharing RAM Disks in LynxOS-178

TECH BLOG | 9-18-23
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The DevOps philosophy is simple: Bring development and operations teams closer together in the tech product building process. Companies that swear by DevOps tout improvements in team speed, efficiency and collaboration as well as higher-quality finished products.

20 DevOps Best Practices Tech Teams Too Often Overlook

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Board Member, Michel Genard shares positive surprises he has experienced during his time so far on the Lynx team.

Lynx Executive Voice: Big Surprises

VIDEO | 9-1-23
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Lynx Board Member, Michel Genard details The Three Horizons, breaking down the fundamentals and framework of what we are doing at Lynx.

Lynx Executive Voice: The Three Horizons

VIDEO | 8-30-23
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After dedicating 12+ years to project office roles with a deep focus on software airworthiness, cybersecurity, system safety, MOSA, and architecture, along with 10 years in academia, concluding at the Doctoral level with a dissertation on "Addressing Cybersecurity and Safety Disconnects within Army Aviation" and a specialization in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, Dr. Justin Pearson joins Lynx as the Director of System Architecture.

Journey to Lynx | Dr. Justin Pearson


The concept of “digital transformation” is hardly new. Since the ‘90s, the phrase has become a widely used—some would say overused—term to describe strategic initiatives organizations undertake to leverage technology and drive innovation in their operations.

Here We Go Again: GenAI Ushers in a New Age of Digital Troansformation

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Tim Reed and John McHale of Military Embedded Systems discuss how MOSA benefits the warfighter and what it means to be certified conformant other the FACE Technical Standard.

MOSA, AI, and Unsafe Programming Languages

PODCAST | 7-27-23

The U.S. Department of Defense wants to scale up the production of hypersonic weapons — but the supply chain to make that happen doesn’t exist.

DOD Wants Hypersonic Weapons. But the Supply Chain to Support Production Isn’t There


VIE (Virtual Integration Environment), eases the integration for a customer leveraging virtual environments.  

Introducing VIE

MOSAic BG 02

MOSA is the path forward to break down complex systems into manageable pieces to efficiently create integrated systems from proven software components. This approach is also critical to enabling manufacturers to accelerate the deployment of innovative new technology. 

Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)

VIDEO | 7-18-23
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Lynx CTO, Will Keegan shares his thoughts on if aligning to industry standards is enough while developing mission-critical systems.

Lynx Executive Voice: Are Aligning to Industry Standards Enough?

VIDEO | 7-18-23
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Have a clear purpose. I have found this to be invaluable. Several times I have taken leadership of a team that simply didn’t understand how their activities were connected to the company’s larger objectives. If you outline the purpose of the task and the effects, the quality of the work improves.

How to Lead a Successful Marketing Management Team

Ian 2-1

To maintain a defensive edge over its adversaries, the military is always looking for ways to modernize and innovate. One area that has seen significant progress in recent years is the development and use of uncrewed vehicles on land, sea and air. 

How To Address Cyber Threats Facing Uncrewed Military Vehicles


Lynx CEO, Tim Reed shares what excites him and the team about starting the work day.

Lynx Executive Voice: Working at Lynx

VIDEO | 6-14-23
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ChatGPT – an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot – has emerged as a potential game-changer in the adoption of AI across all industries. For aerospace and defense, it can assist in increasing automation and data-driven analysis from the supply chain to aftermarket services.

How ChatGPT Can Help Modernize Defense & Aerospace


In this video, Lynx CTO, Will Keegan shares why the Vertical Flight Society Operating Environment so important for the industry.

Lynx Executive Voice: The Importance of the Vertical Flight Society Operating Environment

VIDEO | 6-14-23
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Aerospace and defense, while central to the country's physical security and a key sector in the economy, has traditionally lagged behind other vital industries, such as financial services, telecommunications and high tech, when it comes to adopting digital workflows.

What Goes On In A&D Doesn’t Stay In A&D

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Featuring our CEO, Tim Reed. Customers generally select Lynx because they are posed with a serious challenge of how to use multicore server class hardware in a mission critical system.

Lynx Executive Voice: Why Customers Select Lynx

VIDEO | 6-12-23
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At Lynx, we see the support of standards for mission critical systems as just the start. That is because APIs don’t define system behavior and timing.

Standards: They Are Just The Start


Software safety certification is a kind of black art practiced by a niche group of experts. A small group of companies have the expertise to build software to meet the DO-178C aviation, IEC 61508 industrial, or ISO 26262 automotive safety standards. Yet the demand for safety-certified software is growing as software control is used in more critical systems, including self-driving cars, drones, air taxis, etc.

Importance of System Architecture and Platform Choice on Safety Certification

TECH ARTICLE | 5-12-23

The massive tech industry layoffs that began in 2022 show no signs of slowing down. In fact, technology companies large and small laid off more than 150,000 workers in the first quarter of 2023.

Tech Layoffs Offer Chances To Grow Engineering Expertise Across Industries


Certifying avionics software has been, is, and always will be a daunting, time-consuming task for avionics hardware and software designers. Thanks to advances in aircraft technology, modernized software, a shift in the programming languages used, and the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technology, certification continues to get more complex.

AI and ML Add Complexity to Military Avionics Safety Certification

NEWS FEATURE | 5-11-23
20 members of Forbes Technology Council, including Lynx CEO Tim Reed discuss some of the new technologies they believe have the most potential to have a widespread positive impact, and why.

20 New And Notable Tech Developments That Could Lead To Widespread Positive Change

Experts Michel Genard and Chris Hughes say shifting left on cybersecurity is a good thing, but liability will be hard to enforce.

Shifting Left on Software Product Liability


Project team productivity is critical to meeting program timelines and budgets. Lynx offers three, four, and five-day training courses to ramp your engineering team, instill best practices, and maximize their potential.

LYNX MOSA.ic Technical Training

MOSAic BG 02
Nearly all the sought-after benefits of open system initiatives in the defense community, including U.S. Army MOSA Transformation Office, U.S. Airforce OMS, U.K. MoD Pyramid, hinge on the ability to reuse system components across platforms of different versions and/or product lines with minimal effort.

Standards are Just the Start Towards Software Reuse Across Platforms

NEWS FEATURE | 4-26-23
Lynx Software Technologies and RTI have successfully worked together for over two decades, with a wide range of industry design wins and use cases.

As we reflect back over those years, we have found three challenges our joint customers face that Lynx and RTI address, which when combined deliver immense benefits to the creators of connected mission-critical systems.

Lynx and RTI: The Art of Driving Down Mission-Critical System Costs

Military intelligence, once characterized by strategic decision making, paper maps, table-top exercises, and many legacy systems of hardware and software is becoming sophisticated and -- well, artificial, in a very good sense.

The Coming of Age of Artificial Intelligence

NEWS FEATURE | 4-20-23

The available second generation now advances the functionality in three main vectors

Processor Breadth: We are now supporting PowerPC. 

PerformanceWe have added 64-bit support
Developer Breadth: We have released a development environment that enables Rust applications

Lynx Releases Second Generation of LynxElement, its Safety-proven Unikernel


FACE is an API standard which is gaining momentum in the military/aerospace market sector. Lynx has achieved conformance against the latest version of the standard (v3.1) for Arm, PowerPC and x86 architectures.

LynxOS-178 Achieves FACE Conformance for Three Processor Architectures


Lynx is committed to providing world-class support. Our dedicated team of engineers, architects and support staff gives direct access to superior customer service and development services.

Lynx Support

Lynx has announced that it’s LYNX MOSA.ic software supports the Layerscape Processor LS1028A product family from NXP Semiconductors.

Lynx to Support Communication Protocols for Deterministic Systems Based on NXP Processors

NEWS FEATURE | 3-29-23

AdaCore has partnered closely with Lynx to deliver Ada language support alongside its LYNX MOSA.ic software framework that comprises a real-time operating system (LynxOS-178), Linux and hypervisor (LynxSecure) technology.

AdaCore Partners with Lynx to Deliver Ada Language Support Alongside the LYNX MOSA.ic Software Framework

What's the prescription for getting more women to join - and stay in - industries like tech and A&D?

Women’s Advancement in A&D and Tech

NEWS FEATURE | 3-10-23
GrammaTech, a leading provider of application security testing products and software research services, today announced that Lynx is using CodeSonar to maintain the safety and security of its software.

Lynx Selects GrammaTech CodeSonar to Ensure the Safety and Security of Mission Critical Military Aerospace Applications

NEWS FEATURE | 2-22-23
A recent survey released by Lynx Software Technologies reveals widespread adoption of DevSecOps practices across the mission-critical aerospace and avionics industries, particularly those related to government and defense. 

DevSecOps Top of Mind in Aerospace and Defense Industries

NEWS FEATURE | 2-15-23
Embedded software vendors for defense applications have a confession to make: there is more they can do to support customers adopting the modular open systems approach.

MOSA; Standards Are Just The Start

NEWS FEATURE | 2-15-23
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting technology being deployed across a range of industries to deliver more effective (faster, lower cost, fewer joules expended, etc) decision-making. Its adoption in aerospace and defense markets presents significant challenges in aligning with existing certification processes. 

Flying into the Future with Safety-Critical AI Capabilities

WEBINAR | 2-14-23
DevSecOps – first defined more than 40 years ago – brings a lot of value to modern development of military embedded systems, as the world sees global instability, ransomware attacks, and shortened development cycle.

Everything You Wanted to Know About DevSecOps (but were afraid to ask)

McCarthy joins the board of Lynx after serving as 24th Secretary of the U.S. Army until January 2021 after being confirmed by unanimous consent by the U.S. Senate in September 2019.

Lynx Appoints Ryan D. McCarthy, Former Secretary of the U.S. Army to its Board of Directors

DevSecOps – which stands for development, security and operations – integrates security throughout the software development lifecycle, starting with the initial design phase through integration, testing, deployment and delivery, automatically.

New Data from Lynx Reveals DevSecOps Implementation is Top Priority for A&D Industry

NEWS FEATURE | 12-16-22
It’s hard to escape the headlines around the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), open standards, and individual initiatives such as those from The Open Group FACE Consortium, the creators of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard. 

FACE in Military Avionics Systems: Now Let’s Integrate It

NEWS FEATURE | 12-2-22
Ian shares his experiences in Germany last week for Electronica, a massive show held every two years. This year, according to the organizers, around seventy thousand people attended the four-day event. 

Electronica: Big Tradeshows Are Back!

Multicore safety research from Barcelona Supercomputer Centre says that a robustly partitioned hardware and software platform is practically impossible. With today’s multicore processors (MCPs), current RTOS, and hypervisor technology Dr. Francisco Cazorla sees no path to robust partitioning. 

Robust Partitioning is Dead - What Now?

TECH ARTICLE | 10-19-22
In early October 2022, Ian participated in a panel discussion at the Aerospace IT Conference in Chicago. The panel topic was “Cybersecurity in the Connected Aircraft”.

Cybersecurity in the Connected Aircraft

For companies still feeling a staffing strain, video-based quality systems are emerging as a key technology advancement for enhancing performance and quality of output.

The Importance of Validated and Secure Visual Inspection

NEWS FEATURE | 9-28-22
Lynx announced the appointments of experienced industry executives Michel Genard and Ed Dolanski to its Board of Directors.

Lynx Software Technologies Announces Appointment of Michel Genard and Ed Dolanski to its Board of Directors

NEWS FEATURE | 9-25-22
Virtualization technology, where multiple operating systems can be run on shared hardware, is easy to understand yet inefficient in terms of its resources.

Containerization…Trouble in Paradise?

NEWS FEATURE | 9-23-22

It's important for manufacturers to understand the options available to ensure that quality of widgets is upheld and relationships between manufacturers and customers aren’t impacted.

Ensuring the Quality of Widgets and Relationships as a Manufacturer

NEWS FEATURE | 9-21-22
Mission-critical software company LDRA announced that it has been chosen as the FACE [Future Airborne Capability Environment] Verification Authority (VA) for Lynx Software Technologies, a company that develops open architecture software solutions for mission-critical embedded systems.

Lynx Chooses LDRA as FACE Verification Authority for Mission-Critical Avionics

NEWS FEATURE | 9-13-22

LDRA today announced its selection as the FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) Verification Authority (VA) for Lynx Software Technologies, a developer of open architecture software solutions for mission-critical embedded systems.

Lynx Teams with LDRA to Validate Conformance with Newest FACE Technical Standard

NEWS FEATURE | 9-13-22

Lynx Software Technologies’ newly appointed CFO Amanda Blum said in an interview that the company will look to scale the software solutions provider both organically and through strategic initiatives and acquisitions. 

New Lynx CFO Plans for Company Growth

NEWS FEATURE | 9-13-22

Increasing amounts of processing are being done on the edge, but how the balance will change between what’s computed in the cloud versus the edge remains unclear.

Tradeoffs Between Edge Vs. Cloud


Lynx Software Technologies announced the appointment of Amanda Blum as Chief Financial Officer.  Blum was previously with Green Hills Software, an established provider of embedded safety and security solutions, where she served as the Corporate Controller. She will oversee finance, accounting and other administrative support functions and report into CEO Tim Reed.

Lynx Software Technologies Announces Appointment of Amanda Blum as Chief Financial Officer


A selection of news from the world of embedded, this week featuring, Arm, Astera Labs, Imagination Technologies, Lynx Software Technologies, Nissan, NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, Realtek Semiconductor, Siemens, Skyworks Solutions, Soundskrit, STMicroelectronics, and u-blox.

Siemens at Nissan, MEMS Mic, CXL Memory, and More Embedded


Lynx announced that LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics was recognized among the best solutions by the 2022 Military + Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized Lynx as a Platinum honoree.

Lynx Software Technologies Honored By 2022 Military + Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards


Described by Lynx Software Technologies as a major leap forward in the design of security and safety-critical systems, the LynxElement is claimed to be industry’s first unikernel to be Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) -compatible and available for commercial use. LynxElement will be offered as part of the LYNX MOSA.ic portfolio for mission-critical use cases.

POSIX-Compatible Unikernel is a First, says Lynx Software Technologies


Military & Aerospace Electronics has announced the 2022 Technology Innovators Awards to recognize companies offering substantial military, aerospace, and avionics design solutions.

2022 Military & Aerospace Technology Innovators Awards Announced for Aerospace and Defense Achievement

NEWS FEATURE | 8-31-22

Six years after the formation of the Overarching Properties Working Group, early participants have shared their experiences in applying Overarching Properties (OP) to next-generation safety platforms.

Exploring Overarching Properties as a COTS Software Platform Vendor

NEWS FEATURE | 8-26-22
We are approaching the time when delivery of packages could be via the sky as opposed to via the street. According to McKinsey, there could be 1.5 million deliveries made this way during 2022. This compares to 660 thousand for the prior three years

Packages Taking to the Skies

Deployment of Google Anthos bare metal can help enable deployment of any containerized service to the mission critical edge without compromising security or performance. 

Enabling a Secure Edge in Cloud-Based AI with Google Anthos Bare Metal

TECH ARTICLE | 8-11-22

Enterprise vs B2B Product Management

WEBINAR | 8-5-22

Visual Inspection AI for Manufacturing

WEBINAR | 8/2022
We just passed the month milestone since our acquisition by OceanSound Partners was announced to the industry and it is exactly one month since Tim Reed was announced as taking the helm.

One Month After Our Acquisition by OceanSound Partners - What's Ahead?


Lynx  announced the appointment of Tim Reed as Chief Executive Officer. Reed was previously with Green Hills Software, an established provider of embedded safety and security solutions, where he served as the Senior Vice President of the Advanced Products division and as a member of the executive leadership team.

Lynx Software Technologies Announces Appointment of Tim Reed as CEO

NEWS FEATURE | 6-29-22

Lynx has received a strategic investment from affiliates of OceanSound Partners, LP (“OceanSound”), a private equity firm that invests in technology and technology-enabled services companies serving government and enterprise end markets.

Lynx Software Technologies Receives Strategic Investment from OceanSound Partners

NEWS FEATURE | 6-23-22
This spring, Lynx Software issued a survey to gauge consumer interest in autonomous vehicles and their confidence in their safety. The findings? Despite one in four respondents admitting to breaking the law on a daily basis while behind the wheel, a whopping 80% had more trust in human drivers than a self-driving automobile.

A Long Road Ahead for Autonomous Vehicles


Lynx Software Technologies is claiming industry’s first unikernel to be Posix compatible and available for commercial mission-critical use.

Embedded World: Posix-Compatible Unikernel for Critical Missions

NEWS FEATURE | 6-13-22
The Mission Critical Edge (MCE) is at a transitionary or “coming of age” stage in its lifecycle. If you see references to “Mission Critical Intelligent Edge”, they really round the same phenomenon. Mission Critical Edge refers to the infrastructure required to design, develop, deploy, and maintain mission critical systems such as avionics, satellites, autonomous vehicles, and critical infrastructure. 

Coming of Age of the Mission Critical Edge


Lynx Software Technologies has announced that its MOSA.ic platform supports the deployment of Google Anthos Bare Metal at the mission-critical edge providing a validated solution for secure, video-based quality inspection in industrial and energy facilities.

Lynx & Google Partner On Industrial Quality Inspection Solution


Pavan Singh, VP of Product Management at Lynx Software Technologies looks at how Artificial intelligence (AI) can now be paired with Machine Vision (MV) to enable the inspection of every component coming off the line in an automotive manufacturing process – a level of quality assurance that was, until recently, simply not feasible.

Combining AI and MV to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs


Google Cloud has partnered with industrial edge specialist Lynx Software Technologies to support Google Anthos Bare Metal on the LYNX MOSA.ic industrial edge platform. 

Lynx, Google Visual Inspection AI at Edge


Lynx Software Technologies has announced that the LYNX MOSA.ic platform now supports deployment of Google Anthos Bare Metal at the mission-critical edge.

Lynx Software to Support Google Anthos Bare Metal and Google Visual Inspection AI Service


In mission critical applications, the biggest challenge is how to securely deploy artificial intelligence (AI) from the cloud to the edge. When you’ve trained the AI and machine learning models in the cloud, the question at operational level is then how to deploy these cloud-based workloads to the edge and ensure security of the local system.

Lynx’ Google Anthos Bare Metal Support Secures Kubernetes to Cloud

As Voltaire once said (and Peter Parker’s uncle in Spiderman repeated), “With great power comes great responsibility.” The data that can be gleaned from sensors is incredibly powerful, however, with the prevalence of network hacks, there is considerable risk of actual revenue loss and corporate reputational loss for systems that are compromised. 

New Partnership with Google and Growing Ecosystem

A white paper jointly authored by Collins Aerospace, LDRA, and Lynx Software Technologies

FACE 3.1 Enhancements


The cybersecurity skills gap has become a growing issue throughout the United States as The Biden administration has accelerated its efforts to fill over half a million (almost 600,000) vacant cybersecurity positions in the public and private sectors.

How Automation Can Mitigate the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

NEWS FEATURE | 1-26-22

There’s no doubt the complexity of aerospace design systems is constantly increasing, driven by new demands on architecture and next-generation technologies. As a result, the costs and time associated with the creation, certification and deployment of mission-critical electronics hugely heighten if the systems are not managed in a new way.

The Future of Managing Mission-Critical Systems

In just ten cyber incidents during 2021, over $600 million in cash was stolen or taken as ransom, tens of millions of citizen records were stolen, 40,000 businesses’ IT operations put at risk, one billion airline passenger details compromised and at least one bank was effectively shut down for over a week.

Secure Endpoint Solution

The avionics industry continues to evolve rapidly and today’s avionics solutions need to provide higher performance with more capabilities. 

LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics Drives Next-Generation Aerospace Development

With the widespread availability of high-resolution cameras, coupled with powerful image recognition technology, video analytics is rapidly gaining traction in manufacturing quality use cases

Video Analytics for Industrial Applications

Adhering to functional safety standards is costly and time consuming. For an application to be compliant with the most demanding SIL (IEC 61508), ASIL (ISO 26262), Class (IEC 62304), or DAL (DO-178) in industrial, automotive, medical or avionics applications respectively, the overhead can be considerable.

Introducing the Z-Application-Bridging the Gap Between Bare Metal and RTOS

TECH ARTICLE | 8-12-21

What makes an effective tech strategy?" Boldly press into technical novelty, assure tech solves a valuable problem and reduce risk with early customer validation."

CTO Sessions: Will Keegan, Lynx Software Technologies

NEWS FEATURE | 8-11-21

Has there been a ramp up in cyberattacks or are we now just starting to pay attention more? This article will highlight the cybersecurity pitfalls that occur when security isn’t prioritized.

Security Must Be Top Priority in Bringing Critical Infrastructure Online


When I started the research for this article, I was looking for how OEMs could keep their systems safe from hackers. By the time I finished the research, it became clear to me that my vision was not accurate.

You Will Be Hacked. Be Ready For It

NEWS FEATURE | 6-23-21

Many consumers regard skydiving and swimming with sharks safer than riding in an AV.

Autonomous Driving: Consumer vs Investment

NEWS FEATURE | 6-16-21

LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial - Operational Hierachy

VIDEO | 6-8-21

There is increasing excitement surrounding the seamless integration of robots in automation and Industry 4.0 strategies. However, we are a long way from writing human operatives out of the equation.

Collaborative Robotics are Central to Successful Industry 4.0 Strategies

NEWS FEATURE | 5-21-21

Are cobots working alongside, rather than replacing humans, the answer to today’s manufacturing challenges? Ian Ferguson, VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Lynx Software Technologies looks at how such an approach can be made safe and secure.

Cobots are Set to Revolutionize Manufacturing

NEWS FEATURE | 5-17-21
It was December 24, 2019 and a few of us were gathered in the Lynx office to contemplate some strategic initiatives for the year ahead. It is so challenging inside a small company to find the head space necessary to think in a truly strategic way about what we saw going on in the industry and, from that, where we felt we could deliver immense value.

Welcome, Microsoft, to Lynx's Partner Ecosystem


Lynx announced the availability of LynxSafe, a family of products that now allows enterprise IT teams to apply Lynx’s long-standing expertise in secure mission critical systems to end-points. 

Lynx Launches LynxSafe for Improved Performance and Military Grade Security For Enterprise IT


Lynx Software Technologies has applied its aerospace separation kernel security expertise to enterprise IT systems.

Lynx Takes its Aerospace Tech into Enterprise IT

Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) virtualizes network interface cards (NICs) to allow a single NIC to present itself as dozens of virtual NICs to a hypervisor. It is a hardware standard, part of the PCI-SIG (Peripheral Component Interconnect - Special Interest Group) and is heavily used in data centers.

Single Root I/O Virtualization Pt. 2

TECH ARTICLE | 3-16-21
As a testament to the celebrated success of FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment), mandatory conformance requirements for mission-system software have flowed down for nearly every applicable military program since the publication of FACE 2.0.

Virtualization: A FACE Life for Vehicle Control

TECH ARTICLE | 3-15-21

The coronavirus outbreak and lockdown forced many organizations to close their offices and shift employees to a remote work setup. But such a quick and abrupt transition opened the door to a host of security risks, especially from people who are unaccustomed to working remotely.

How Organizations Can Combat the Security Risks of Working Remotely

NEWS FEATURE | 3-10-21
Lynx Software Technologies has collaborated closely with CoreAVI for many years. The most visible result of that partnership has been the panoramic cockpit display for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. During the span of this partnership, we have watched as CoreAVI has continued to build up a wealth of experience creating software drivers for a wide range of graphics technologies.

Core AVI; A Pursuit Toward the Intersection of Hardware and Software

The standard benefits of a hypervisor are well known and often touted. Every RTOS has its hypervisor and they do genuinely help embedded designers. 

Who Needs a Hypervisor?

TECH ARTICLE | 2-25-21

The term “the internet of things” was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. Some people may argue that the benefits of connecting systems started a long time prior to the late 1990s.

Infrastructure Breaches Show the Importance of Locking Down IoT Systems

NEWS FEATURE | 2-24-21
Industry 4.0? Edge computing? Call it what you will, the fact remains that our industry moves slowly. Obstacles must be overcome before we can claim that edge computing has evolved from theories and experiments to true industrial deployment.

Edge Computing is Here. What's Next?

WHITE PAPER | 2-7-21

This week’s Fish Fry podcast is all about mission critical edge and solar flare-inspired rocket thrusters. (Mars here we come!) First up, we take a closer look at a groundbreaking idea for a new type of rocket thruster that could take us to Mars and beyond.

To The Skies And Beyond: Securing the Mission Critical Edge and A New Rocket Thruster to Mars

There are substantial challenges in building secure and safe systems on multicore processors (MCPs). Last level cache contention is undoubtedly the largest source of multicore interference, and a significant challenge for real-time systems. Here we discuss a proposed solution, called cache coloring.

What is Cache Coloring?

The term “architecture” seems to be in ever increasing use in its technological context. As an extrapolation from the construction term that Frank Lloyd Wright would have been familiar with, its definition as the “overall design of a computing system and the logical and physical interrelationships between its components” is intuitively obvious.

On Reference Architectures


In the coming year, we expect a renewed focus on security, as much of the global workforce continues to work from anywhere but the office, autonomous automobiles become closer to mainstream and global tensions put a spotlight on maintaining national control of mission-critical systems. Read along for  five trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

Is 2021 the Year of Mission Critical Systems

NEWS FEATURE | 12/28/20
In this Solution Brief, Intel describes the Flight Safety Evidence Pack (FSEP) they have created to assist aerospace suppliers achieve certification.

Intel's First DO-254 hardware Certification Evidence - It's on a Multicore

TECH ARTICLE | 12-18-20

What is mission critical? It’s one of those, “ask five people and you’ll get five different answers” questions.

Embedded Executive: Arun Subbarao, VP of Engineering, Lynx Software Technologies

NEWS FEATURE | 12-18-20
Anyone who travels with a laptop soon develops a bittersweet relationship with international power adaptor plugs. Sure, they turn your homeland plug into something that approximates to what’s needed. But we’re all too familiar with the questionable connections, the weight that pulls away from the wall, and the bulk that baulks adjacent sockets.

Conformance vs Compliance

TECH ARTICLE | 12-2-20

Enterprise IT teams need a robust, proven alternative to perimeter-based security, answering the unprecedented challenges of extended, fragmented workforces on top of the mounting threats they were already facing.

Partitioned Endpoints Pair Security with Convenience for Home Working

NEWS FEATURE | 12-1-20
In the middle of 2020, Lynx Software Technologies announced its first product that was specifically focused on industrial use cases. The value chain and set of technologies needed to deploy secure, updateable platforms in modern factories, buildings and cities is extremely complex. No one company can deliver all of the elements. It takes a village.

Growing the Mission Critical Edge Ecosystem: Welcome Eurotech!


Artificial intelligence (AI) has widely been covered as of late, especially as the pandemic has prompted many companies to accelerate digital transformation efforts. As MIT Media Labs’ Dr. Kate Darling recently mentioned, while some conversations seem to focus on automation “taking” the jobs of humans, some are forgetting the power of collaboration between human and machine.

Humans and AI: Collaboration is Key

NEWS FEATURE | 12-1-20
Mission critical systems are those that simply have to work all the time in a predictable way. Relevant applications include avionics, rail infrastructure, self- driving vehicles.

Open Source - "When" and "If" in Mission Critical Systems


Ask the Expert - NXP

VIDEO | 11-19-20

Common sense should tell us that rushing safety engineering processes, building with brand new technology that regulators are still wrapping their heads around, and generating an ROI on aircraft with historical 30-yr production lifecycles, isn’t going to work.

Urban Mobility; What Has to Happen to Realize the 'Jetson' Future – Part Two

NEWS FEATURE | 11-10-20
Lynx Software Technologies was invited, along with Mercury Systems (a partner), to participate in a webinar sponsored by Intel that focused on harnessing multicore processors for use in mission critical avionics platforms.

Airworthiness and Multicore: Intel, Mercury, and Lynx Webinar


Weak economic conditions and technical challenges make the short-term prospects for higher functioning self-driving cars unrealistic. Longer term, the marker looks better.

Cutting Through the Self-Driving Hype: A Realistic View of an Exciting Opportunity

NEWS FEATURE | 11/3/20

COVID-19 has harshly impacted many industries, and industrial manufacturing has proven to be one of them as 80% of manufacturers expect the pandemic to have a financial impact on their business and a majority of those in the sector believe the pandemic will affect operations.

How to Capitalize on Cobots in Post-COVID Industry

NEWS FEATURE | 10-27-20

Flying cars are being demonstrated and are close to becoming a reality as the urban mobility segment experiences significant investment. We’ve also had discussions with an automotive manufacturer who is looking to build avionics platforms.

Flying Vehicles: Are We There Yet?

NEWS FEATURE | 10-22-20

In September, the House of Representatives passed a bill requiring that all internet of things (IoT) devices purchased by the government meet minimum security requirements.

The Good and Not So Good of the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020

NEWS FEATURE | 10-16-20

COVID-19 is driving the demand for Collaborative robots (Cobots), which are designed to interact with humans in a shared space or to work safely in close proximity.

Safe, Secure, and Commercial Cobots for the Post-COVID Workplace

NEWS FEATURE | 10-13-20

Gartner has started to postulate that in a few years’ time, laws could be made and enforced where CEOs are held liable for the (mis)operation of IoT systems that a specific company produces.

CEOs Will be Responsible for IoT Security – Where Do They Start?

NEWS FEATURE | 10-12-20

It was interesting as most of the pieces about 5G have been about the elements of this technology that a customer can tangibly see, such as improved performance and, more importantly for industrial and automotive applications, improved latency. 

5G: The Part of the Iceberg Below the Line

NEWS FEATURE | 10-7-20
Across a range of industries, there is a broad understanding that the deployment of modern computing resources with cloud native models of software lifecycle management will become ever more pervasive. 

From Mission Critical Embedded Systems to the Mission Critical Edge


Factories are increasingly expected to be nimble and adept. Instead of creating hundreds, thousands or even millions of the same thing, the new move is toward flexibility, allowing swift reconfiguration of equipment to support different builds.This might involve information that is extremely sensitive, which could result in OEMs writing some or all of the associated manufacturing software themselves.

Building Safe, Secure, Connected Cobots


We are seeing exciting and innovative work in autonomous cars, especially around Level 4, where the car is in complete control of
certain parts of the driving. 

Avionics Successes at the Heart of Autonomous Vehicles

A number of our recent customer design wins have been where Lynx Software Technologies has ousted competitors from prior versions of those products.

Disrupt or be Disrupted


Factories are increasingly being challenged to be nimble and adept. Instead of creating hundreds, thousands or even millions of the same thing, the new paradigm is flexibility allowing swift reconfiguration of equipment to support different builds.

How Will Cobots Integrate into the Post-COVID Workplace?

NEWS FEATURE | 8-14-20
One of the regular topics on LinkedIn and, indeed, in business topics, is about the need for small businesses to focus.

August Company Update


Ask the Expert - Rapita Systems

VIDEO | 7-28-20

UAVs and flying taxis (that bring controlled democratisation of access to airspace), affordable satellite technology (low-cost satellite vehicles and launchers), industrial digital transformation, and self-driving
vehicles, are among today's most exciting trends.

The Mission Critical Edge

NEWS FEATURE | 7/28/20
Earlier this year, a strategy team inside Lynx realized that a core capability of this hypervisor (the foundation of our development framework, LYNX MOSA.ic™), enabled strong isolating technology which, when added to the real-time determinism functionality provided by assigning hardware resources on a per virtual machine basis, was a strong foundation for a secure industrial platform that consolidated real-time and (relatively) latency-insensitive processing functionality on a single multicore component.

Secure Platform for IIOT

With work from home set to continue for a long period of time (in some cases like Fujitsu, maybe forever!), CIOs have to rethink their network strategies. Companies would traditionally plan for about 20% of their workers to be remote and 80% in an office environment. That scenario has completely flipped. 

The Covid-19 Effect; Increased Interest in Secure Laptops

Choosing an RTOS, regardless of the cost, involves many considerations, including accommodating your specific hardware architecture, the scalability of the RTOS, response requirements, peripheral support, scheduler, services, libraries, middleware, graphical tools, and technical support. No RTOS can offer every option, nor does every combination of technology fit together. 

What is the Cost of a Real-Time Operating System?


Ask the Expert - Daedalean

VIDEO | 4-22-20

Ask the Expert - An Intro to LYNX MOSA.ic with CTO Will Keegan Pt. 2

VIDEO | 3-26-20

Ask the Expert - An Intro to LYNX MOSA.ic with CTO Will Keegan Pt. 1

VIDEO | 3/18/20

Lynx in Action - Industrial Application Demo with Chris Barlow

VIDEO | 3-10-20

Edge computing offers connected applications improvements in flexibility, intelligence and lifecycle management. By integrating software tools and systems that support safety, security and real-time determinism, mission-critical applications can also benefit from these properties without the need for inflexible, closed-off embedded implementations.

Development Framework for Mission-Critical Edge Applications

NEWS FEATURE | 6-30-20

Thanks to certification steps, Lynx Software’s MOSA.ic virtual-machine partitioning system becomes easier to use.

Making Hard Partitioning Easy

NEWS FEATURE | 6/30/20

The opportunity for self driving cars remains extremely exciting even if the short-term prospects look difficult in a post-Covid economy.

Autonomous Driving: Lessons from Heaven

NEWS FEATURE | 6-23-20

Lynx Software Technologies has added three new product bundles to its MOSA.ic platform to enable secure mission critical edge computing capabilities to be added to industrial, avionics, satellite and UAV applications. The first of these will be rolled out for industrial robotics.

Separation Kernels and VMs Enable Secure Mission Critical Edge Computing

NEWS FEATURE | 6/16/20
At the time of writing, no multicore safety critical software systems exist. That is, no system that utilizes a multi-core processor to execute multiple applications in parallel has been certified for flight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US or by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Challenges Building Safe Multicore Systems

TECH ARTICLE | 6/15/20

Lynx refers to this as the Mission Critical Edge, which it estimates to be a $16bn software opportunity.

Lynx Software Targets Mission Critical Edge

NEWS FEATURE | 6-15-20

Lynx Software Technologies is aiming at high-reliability multi-core edge computing with three custom software bundles for industrial, avionic and UAV/satellite applications.

Lynx Hones Secure Firmware for Industrial, Drone, and Avionics Markets

NEWS FEATURE | 6-15-20

Zurich-based Daedalean has written a 136 stage report with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency on assurance for the emergent properties of neural networks for autonomous aircraft.  

Certifying Neural Networks for Autonomous Aircraft


Lynx in Action - Auto Demo with David Beal

VIDEO | 5-24-20
Are we providing security or safety? The short answer is that we provide both. But the slightly longer answer is more interesting.

No Safety without Security

Lynx Software Technologies has built and supported real-time operating systems (RTOSes) since 1988. We have witnessed hardware and embedded software technologies evolve and have supported our customers through the design, development, integration, certification, deployment, and support of software systems across mission-critical applications in avionics, industrial, automotive, medical, and other markets. 

Best Real-Time Operating System Vendors 2020


As recently as March 2020, AI analyst Emerj pointed out that despite the bullish public pronouncements of the auto industry CEOs it is “still a long way off before self-driving vehicles become available to people at any legitimate scale."

Cutting Through the Self-Driving Hype

The technology industry loves its buzzwords and acronyms. Every couple of years it seems there is something new that will cause a paradigm shift, that the world will be “turned upside down,” etc. 

The "Edge" More than a Buzzword


Fears over catching the coronavirus have led to chaos during this normally busy trade show season.

Coronavirus Fears Spark Show Chaos

A recent major design win we got originally came into us via a Request for Information (RFI). Like many other initial customer engagements, this arrived into the Lynx HQ requesting we complete a series of details about functionality that needed to be included in an RTOS.

It isn't Always About the RTOS

I (Ian) have been thinking about how artificial intelligence will start to appear in the avionics industry. My time prior to joining Lynx was all spent in the technology industry focused on other markets like consumer, industrial and cloud infrastructure. While I think digital speakers aren’t particularly useful, it is an example of how machine learning is (audibly) impacting many people’s daily lives. There are far more useful-to-mankind examples underway in the field of healthcare where reams of old data can be examined to predict the onset of specific diseases.

Machine Learning in Avionics: When, Where, and How

Having built both separation kernels and real-time operating systems—and supported customers using both across a wide range of industries—we are familiar with the pros and cons of each software technology, as well as their security, safety, reliability, and adaptability impact on complex system designs.

What is a Separation Kernel?

TECH ARTICLE | 3-22-20

Ask the Expert - Broadening Operating System with David Beal

VIDEO | 3-4-20
A study by Ponemon Institute that was published in January 2020 highlighted that attacks against endpoints are growing at the same time that detection is getting harder. An average of 80% of successful breaches are new or unknown "zero-day attacks." 

The Secure Laptop Opportunity

A DO-178B/C Reusable Software Component (RSC) is a software collection that is recognized as meeting the requirements of RTCA/DO-178B/C and that may be used on more than one project without having to regenerate certification artifacts.

What is a Reusable Software Component?

TECH BLOG | 3-11-20

LYNX MOSA.ic is a software framework for building and integrating complex multi-core safety- or security-critical systems using independent application modules. Its elegant, modular architecture enables developers to collapse development cycles when creating, certifying, and deploying robust platforms for manned and autonomous and increasingly connected systems.

LYNX MOSA.ic for Mission Systems

BROCHURE | 3-11-20
Since the start of the year, the amazing Lynx team has been hard at work in terms of content creation. We have rolled out a wide ranging set of updates to our website, introduced a new set of blogs authored by leaders from across the company, established a YouTube channel with a new set of “ask the expert” video vignettes, and more!

Trade Show Season and Product Announcements


Ask the Expert - Intro to LynxSecure with David Beal

VIDEO | 2-24-20
At the symposium, Lynx demonstrated LYNX MOSA.ic™’s cache allocation technology capabilities on a multicore Intel Xeon D-1541 processor and ENSCO’s IData certifiable cockpit display running on LynxOS-178®.

Field Notes: Safety Critical Systems Symposium 2020

TECH ARTICLE | 2-24-20
As you may have seen, Lynx Software Technologies has been undergoing some changes of late. I am truly excited about the direction in which we are headed. We have a great balance of new-to-Lynx and ingrained-with-Lynx-DNA senior leaders on our team.

A Message from the CEO of Lynx

As many of you are aware, the automotive market is undergoing some significant transformations itself. It is fair to say that the vision that the proliferation of self-driving vehicles where the humans can simply sit back and watch infotainment or engage in work tasks is further out than many articulated.

Shifts in the Automotive Industry

The proposed approach to interference analysis in the context of safety processes is close to partitioning analyses. It is composed of two complementary analyses: a top-down analysis followed by a bottom-up analysis. 

TC-16/51: Adding Bottom Up Interference Analysis for MCPs

TECH ARTICLE | 1-29-20
Linux is ubiquitous. It runs most internet servers, inside Android* smartphones, and is used on millions of embedded systems that, in the past, ran Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSes). Linux can (and should) be used were possible for embedded projects, but while it gives you extreme choice, it also presents the risk of extreme complexity.

What are the Problems with Embedded Linux?

TECH ARTICLE | 1-13-20
Ian joined Lynx as VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances on December 1st. Six days later, we announced the selection of Lynx’s MOSA.ic framework for the TR3 modernization of the F-35 Lightning II, ousting one of our primary competitors in the process.

Why Did I Join Lynx?


Unique safety and security software platform for industrial systems.

Lynx for Industrial Applications

LYNX MOSA.ic™ for Avionics supports Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC processors to simplify software stack complexity, unlock rapid development and integration options, and enable complex, heterogeneous and powerful solution architectures to greatly reduce the technical risk and certification costs for future safety and performance-critical programs.

Lynx MOSA.ic - Advantage with XILINX

LYNX MOSA.ic™ uniquely leverages Intel virtualization-enabled multi-core processors to simplify software stack complexity and unlock rapid development and integration options.

Lynx MOSA.ic - Advantage with Intel

The most formidable challenges of modern avionics development programs are often centered around the safety certification process and the corresponding requirements and costs. Equally as challenging to any large development program are the design and implementation phases where the software application comes to life as it is realized on the target system environment. 

Lynx and Ensco Demonstrate Avionics Solutions at DSEO Japan 2019

TECH BLOG | 11-18-19
We have learned that over the years that, depending on the type of system being built, our RTOS products may not always provide the best fit. And that’s OK. We want you to choose Lynx products because they make the most sense for your project and understanding your options is critical to that process. 

What are the Most Popular Real-Time Operating Systems?

TECH ARTICLE | 11-14-19
Do Real-Time Operating Systems consistently provide the most effective platform for realizing your embedded software system design? Most RTOS vendors seem to think so, frequently citing RTOS benefits while rarely discussing the disadvantages.  Too often, the question "Do You Need an RTOS?" is interpreted, "Which RTOS Do You Need?"

Do you Need a Real-Time Operating System?

TECH ARTICLE | 11-11-19
Lynx participated in this year’s Arm TechCon with a booth in the expo hall, where we demoed Lynx MOSA.ic and its components — LynxSecure®, Buildroot Linux, LynxOS-178®, and Lynx Simple Applications (which are bare-metal apps). 

Embedded Best Practices at Arm Techcon

TECH BLOG | 10-17-19
Choosing an RTOS is not as simple as choosing a car.  We know about cars; we know their strengths and weaknesses and we intuitively understand compromises like performance vs practicality or luxury vs price.When choosing an RTOS, the middle ground is crowded—dozens of general-purpose RTOSes with broadly similar characteristics compete.

How to Choose an RTOS

TECH ARTICLE | 10-14-19
In POSIX, an executing instance of a program is called a process.  To be conformant with the POSIX standard, processes must be kept separate through the use of memory protection.  An operating system (OS) that supports multiple processes is referred to as a “multiprocessing” OS.

What are POSIX Processes and Virtual Memory?

TECH ARTICLE | 10-11-19
The complexity of today’s automobiles is increasing with every new model on the market.  A modern car can contain hundreds of electronic control units and with connectivity and autonomy becoming commonplace, this is increasing dramatically as we enter the 2020s. 

Realizing Modern Automotive Software Enviornments

TECH ARTICLE | 10-9-19
This week saw LYNX’s cache partitioning feature for Lynx MOSA.ic™ demonstrated for the first time at the Collins Aerospace Embedded Computing Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cache partitioning is a new feature of Lynx MOSA.ic™ released in September 2019 and based on Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) CPU hardware feature.

Multicore Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) Demo

TECH ARTICLE | 10-3-19
The FACE™ standard defines the software environment and interFACEs for building portable components for US military avionics systems. The FACE™ Consortium is composed of industry and government member organizations, their representatives, and advisers, creating an acquisition-neutral setting where industry can work together with government customers to produce open standards and to influence procurement and policy. 

Field Notes: September 2019 FACE™

TECH BLOG | 9-24-19
The FACE™ standard defines the software environment and interFACEs for building portable components for US military avionics systems. The FACE™ Consortium is composed of industry and government member organizations, their representatives, and advisers, creating an acquisition-neutral setting where industry can work together with government customers to produce open standards and to influence procurement and policy. 

The Benefits of POSIX for Embedded System Development

TECH BLOG | 9-20-19
Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) is the complex name for a technology beginning to find its way into embedded devices.  SR-IOV is a hardware standard that allows a PCI Express device – typically a network interface card (NIC) – to present itself as several virtual NICs to a hypervisor.

What is SR-IOV and Why is it Important for Embedded Devices?

TECH ARTICLE | 10-7-19
The board support package (BSP) is the glue software that allows an embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) to run on a specific target board.  Creating a BSP for your chosen board is a detailed software engineering task that takes 2 to 8 weeks.

What is the Cost of a Board Support Package?

TECH ARTICLE | 10-1-19

Protecting Systems of Meltdown


Certifiable COTS RTOS for safety-critical computing LYNX MOSA.ic compatible module

LynxOS-178 Data Sheet


LYNX MOSA.ic is a software framework for building and integrating complex multi-core safety- or security-critical systems using independent application modules. Its elegant, modular architecture enables developers to collapse development cycles when creating, certifying, and deploying robust platforms for manned and autonomous and increasingly connected systems.

LynxSecure Data Sheet

CAST-32A presents the coordinated position of avionics certification authorities regarding Multi-Core Processors (MCPs).  While today’s aerospace ecosystem could benefit from the use of MCPs, before CAST-32A was published, FAA/EASA had not yet devised a means to obtain certification credit for safety-critical software deployed to an MCP. 

CAST-32A: Significance and Implications

TECH BLOG | 11-15-18