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faceTM industry standard

What is the Future Airborne Capability Environment?

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) standard is designed to enhance the U.S. military aviation community’s ability to improve software reuse, accelerate war-fighter capabilities, and facilitate the adoption of new technologies.

The FACE™ Consortium is composed of industry and government member organizations, their representatives, and advisors, creating an acquisition-neutral setting where industry can work together with government customers to produce open standards and to influence procurement and policy.

Lynx Software Technologies is an Associate Sponsor of the FACE™ Consortium, which operates under The Open Group. FACE™ defines the framework for creating a common operating environment that supports applications across multiple Department of Defense avionics systems.

LynxOS-178® secure real-time operating system have been confirmed as conformant to version 3.1 of the FACE™ standard for Arm, Intel® x86 and PowerPC® platforms.

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