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Empowering Embedded Systems for Over 35 Years

Unparalleled Program Risk Reduction and Cost Efficiency

Lynx’s portfolio of real-time operating systems and hypervisor products have been at the heart of embedded systems for more than 35 years, at the highest criticality levels and in the most demanding environments. 

As customers look to reduce program risk, development timescales and costs, they increasingly rely on Lynx’s experience in low-level system software requirements to augment its proven products with professional services. This includes the following areas:
  • Safety Certification
  • Board Support Packages
  • Platform Customization
  • Extended Maintenance 





Open System Architecture

These proven professional services have been augmented from our acquisition of Thompson Software Solutions.

Thompson’s staff were part of the inception and maturation of multiple open standards such as:

  • Open Mission Systems (OMS)
  • Universal Command and Control Interface (UCI)
  • Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™)
  • Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST)
  • Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA™)



Additional capabilities include the following:
  • Cyber Security & Network Architecture; Experience across all domains of the JADC2 battlespace
  • DevSecOps & Agile Methodologies
  • Maintenance, Sustainment & Data Analytics; Expertise in application services used to maintain aircraft operation at optimal performance, including post flight analysis and real-time monitoring of onboard systems


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