Meeting the-needs of the Internet of Things (IoT) 2018-07-25T10:38:02-07:00

Much of the IoT infrastructure still needs to be built out, with billions of connected embedded devices (sensors) feeding data through intelligent infrastructure, gateways and the Internet to the “Big Data” held in the cloud, then waiting to be analyzed and accessed by enterprises and users.

The sensors and gateways are essentially embedded systems, but, rather than being connected through the traditional proprietary networks, are now being connected to the Internet to get to the cloud. This brings in some interesting requirements for embedded developers as they start to build out this infrastructure. Embedded developers still need to worry about the normal real-time behavior and determinism, code size and reliability, but now they must also be concerned with new communication requirements and the need for more stringent security.

At Lynx Software Technologies, we build products and solutions for the IoT that bring together embedded real-time performance and reliability with military-grade security, to ensure that the data and devices in the IoT are protected from today’s and tomorrow’s advanced cyber threats.

The hard real-time characteristics of the LynxOS RTOS have been powering embedded devices for more than 25 years, and now in its latest incarnation offers built-in advanced security, while still maintaining a native open standards POSIX programming interface. This combinations allows developers to build portable, re-useable IoT applications without compromising on security, and is a perfect fit for intelligent sensor nodes in the IoT.

The LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor, again offers the combination of real-time performance with military-grade security, and has the additional virtualization support to allow legacy applications and operating systems to easily drop into this secure environment. This product is a natural fit for intelligent gateway devices that need to access both the sensor network and also connect to internet, but require that these networks are kept separate. The security isolation of LynxSecure allows a single device or gateway platform to connect to multiple networks and run multiple different operating systems without compromising either performance or security.


  • LynxOS – hard real-time operating system (RTOS) with POSIX® conformance and advanced security application support for ultra-reliable real-time systems.
  • LynxSecure – separation kernel hypervisor, offering military grade isolation for IoT infrastructure and now armed with a rootkit detection feature that has been designed to detect and alert when the rootkit has entered the system and is looking for a place to hide itself.