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Mission Critical Edge

Introducing Virtual Integration Environment (VIE)

Report after report showcases the challenges that the Military and Aerospace market sectors are facing when it comes to delivering programs on time, in budget with the committed level of...

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Standards: They Are Just The Start

At Lynx, we see the support of standards for mission critical systems as just the start. That is because APIs don’t define system behavior and timing. This thoughtful piece by our CTO, Will Keegan,...

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Coming of Age of the Mission Critical Edge

The Mission Critical Edge (MCE) is at a transitionary or “coming of age” stage in its lifecycle. Note that this is a Lynx term that I had coined two years ago. If you see references to “Mission...

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From Mission Critical Embedded Systems to the Mission Critical Edge

Across a range of industries, there is a broad understanding that the deployment of modern computing resources with cloud native models of software lifecycle management will become ever more...

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