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Industry products

The following are sets of Lynx software packages, 3rd party technologies, and associated tools which Lynx has proven to reliably work together for rapidly building robust avionics, industrial, and unmanned systems.

LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics - Logo

A simpler path to CAST-32A certification, LYNX MOSA.ic™ for Avionics provides a native POSIX DO-178C certified RTOS, Buildroot Linux, and bare metal application environments for efficiently building and deploying robust avionics systems.


LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial - Logo

Build and deploy deterministic industrial software systems by combining rich OSes (Windows, Linux), RTOSes (FreeRTOS, Azure) and system integrations (Azure IoT Edge, Kubernetes) on a provably secure foundation.


LYNX MOSA.ic for UAVs & Satellites - Logo

A complete development framework for combining bare metal crypto modules; the versatility of Linux; and a native POSIX, hard real-time operating system for the rapid development and deployment of unmanned systems.




LynxSecure is a separation kernel hypervisor designed to satisfy real-time, high assurance computing requirements for Arm, PowerPC and x86 platforms.


LYNX MOSA.ic is a software framework that shrinks the development cycle for the creation, certification and deployment of complex multi-core safety or security systems.



LynxOS-178 is a native POSIX® hard real-time partitioning operating system developed and certified to FAA DO-178B/C DAL A safety standards.




Platform technologies

  • Virtualization
  • Real-time operating systems

Design practices 

  • System comprehensibility
  • Modular Open Systems Approach
  • Multi-core partitioning
  • Principle of Least Privilege

Safety certification

  • DO-178C
  • CAST-32A
  • AC 20-148 RSC
  • ISO 26262

Kernel Engineering 

  • Arm®
  • Intel®
  • PowerPC®

Standard APIs

  • POSIX®
  • ARINC 653
  • FACE™

Security certification

  • NIST 800-53
  • Common Criteria
  • US DoD certification & accreditation


With many suppliers focused on the security of these systems, Lynx appears to be one of the few worrying about high reliability of platforms over 10+ year product lifecycles.
Chris Rommel | VDC Research
Executive Vice President
We are excited that both NXP and Arm architectures are now supported within the LYNX MOSA.ic framework. It offers an exceptional technology for managing the complexity associated with multicores, reducing the design and certification time for safety critical systems based on NXP Layerscape and QorIQ SoCs.
Geoff Waters | NXP Semiconductors
Senior Principal Engineer, Chairman for Multicore for Avionics Working Group
The inclusion of FreeRTOS as a guest of the LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor will give developers an easy and low cost path to development and integration of complex systems, with a path to a fully safety-certifiable solution.
Richard Barry | FreeRTOS
LYNX MOSA.ic helps reduce the cost and time investment for customers developing, certifying and deploying innovative platforms.
Willard Tu | Xilinx
Senior Director, Automotive


Lynx Software Technologies Customers list


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