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IoT World 2020

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August 10-13

Arm TechCon 2020

Arm TechCon 2020

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Oct 6-7

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Pavan Singh - VP Product Management - Lynx Software Technologies





Pavan Singh

VP Product Management | Lynx Software Technologies

Panel Abstract

Modern and future avionics systems for commercial and military applications are based on open architectures and will be leveraging reuse of hardware and software elements via common interfaces for hardware and common application programming interfaces (APIs) for software. Driving this trend are Initiatives borne out of the U.S. Department of Defense such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) for software, the Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST) and Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) for hardware. This webcast of industry experts will detail how these reuse initiatives can benefit avionics systems from a hardware and software perspective, reducing long-term life cycle costs and speeding up technology insertion.

Time and Location


2pm EST (online)



CEO Panel
on System Security

Gurjot Singh

CEO | Lynx Software Technologies

Panel Abstract:

"You can design the fastest, smallest, cheapest…throw out whatever adjective you want, but it doesn’t matter if the system is not secure. In this panel, we’ve assembled the CEOs of the companies that must make it happen. That includes the hardware, the operating system, the tools, the processors, the boards, and the systems. They’ll tell us why you should be confident in the security of your design (or not)."

Time and Location

Embedded World 2020
Nuremberg, Germany Nuremberg Messe
Wed, Feb 26, 4pm — Hall 5/5-341