LynxOS® is a POSIX® general-purpose, feature-rich, multi-core hard real-time real time operating system. 

LynxOS® has been deployed in millions of embedded devices and has operated reliably for 30+ years across multiple safety- and security-critical embedded markets.  It is a tried and true approach for hosting applications on a Unix-like OS model wherein all resources and application services are centrally managed by a common kernel and is best-suited for working with hardware architectures that predate virtualization.

For an alternative distributed resource control model leveraging hardware virtualization, click to learn more about the Lynx MOSA.ic approach for hosting heterogeneous applications. 

Key Features

  • —Full POSIX® Conformance 
  • —Real-time Scheduling
  • —Multi-core 
  • —Luminosity (Eclipse-Based IDE) Application and Kernel Debugging Support
  • —GCC-Based Tool Chain
  • —Access Control and Cryptographic Security
  • —Intel® and PowerPC® CPU Support 
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