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Welcome, Microsoft, to Lynx's Partner Ecosystem

It was December 24, 2019 and a few of us were gathered in the Lynx office to contemplate some strategic initiatives for the year ahead. It is so challenging inside a small company to find the head space necessary to think in a truly strategic way about what we saw going on in the industry and, from that, where we felt we could deliver immense value.

We noticed that the rise of autonomous platforms across a range of industries were going to need the levels of safety and security that our avionics’ clients had entrusted us to deliver for two decades. We mapped out about 8 different markets and use cases and commenced 2020 with a plan to validate and subsequently prioritize those. In June of 2020 we around our articulation of the ‘Mission Critical Edge’ and released products including some for Industrial use cases. It is great to see the market validation from a number of our rivals who have brought out products and/or collateral that recognize the same market opportunity that we are seeing. We obviously feel we have something unique… as do they. The real companies to benefit will be the customer base as they see a diverse set of solutions from which they can select.

Industrial Diagram -003

At the time, we knew that this was a problem that was bigger than any one company could solve. It was going to take a village. So we are delighted to share today’s news about bringing our technology into Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. An increasing number of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure from which to run their business-critical operations. Our complementary technology enables that to extend to real-time and/or highly secure operational technology (OT) in manufacturing, logistics’ facilities, automotive applications and smart cities. Indeed, even in our core market of avionics and defense, some of those systems that were historically black boxes are increasingly becoming connected.

This is not the end…merely another step on the journey. We have much more to support the newer technologies from Microsoft and will be broadening out our partner ecosystem still further to enable a wider set of IIoT use cases to benefit from the insights that be derived from their data at both the edge and in the public cloud.



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