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Tim Loveless | Principal Solutions Architect

Tim Loveless has 25 years’ embedded industry experience in the fields of real-time operating systems, safety critical systems, JTAG tools, and embedded linux. Before joining Lynx Software Technologies as Principal Solutions Architect, he worked as an FAE for Wind River UK, for Intel’s Internet of Things Group and as European Aerospace and Defence FAE Manager for Wind River. Tim’s interests include computer security and macroeconomics. He enjoys podcasts, cycling, and running, while skiing and paddle boarding are rare treats.


Not many companies have the expertise to build software to meet the DO-178C (Aviation), IEC61508 (Industrial), or ISO26262 (Automotive) safety standards. Yet the demand for safety-certified software is growing as software control is used in more... Read More


Multicore safety research from Barcelona Supercomputer Centre (BSC) says that a robustly partitioned hardware and software platform is practically impossible. With today’s multicore processors (MCPs), current RTOS, and hypervisor technology Dr.... Read More

Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) -Pt 2- LynxOS-178 10G network benchmarkS

_______________ Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) virtualizes network interface cards (NICs) to allow a single NIC to present itself as dozens of virtual NICs to a hypervisor. It is a hardware standard, part of the PCI-SIG (Peripheral... Read More

Who Needs a Hypervisor?

_______________ The standard benefits of a hypervisor are well known and often touted. Every RTOS has its hypervisor and they do genuinely help embedded designers to: Partition multicore processors into virtual machines; an elegant way to... Read More

What is Cache Coloring and How Does it Work?

_______________ There are substantial challenges in building secure and safe systems on multicore processors (MCPs). Last level cache contention is undoubtedly the largest source of multicore interference, and a significant challenge for real-time... Read More

Intel’s first DO-254 hardware certification evidence – it’s on a MultiCore

WELL DONE, INTEL®! Over the years I’ve read lots of datasheets. They can sometimes be heavy on marketing buzzwords and prone to sweeping statements that oversell their solutions and gloss over gaps. I read this new Solution Brief from Intel and it... Read More

Challenges Building Safe Multicore Systems

_______________ Read More

What Is A Separation Kernel?

_______________ Having built both separation kernels and real-time operating systems—and supported customers using both across a wide range of industries—we are familiar with the pros and cons of each software technology, as well as their security,... Read More

Field Notes: Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2020

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What Are the Problems with Embedded Linux?

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