Pavan Singh | VP Product Management

Pavan Singh | VP Product Management

Pavan Singh is Vice President of Product Management. In his role, he is responsible for product strategy, product management and product marketing. Prior to joining Lynx, Pavan had 15+ years in product related roles in technology companies ranging from startups to established corporations. During his tenure at Cisco, Pavan helped Cisco and its customers drive innovation by identifying promising marketing opportunities and incubate new business. Most recently, he led product management at Wind River for its open source based IoT edge portfolio. Pavan is also a recognized thought leader and speaker on Internet of Things with a focus on mobility, industrial and enterprise. Pavan is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and has earned a MS from Texas A& M and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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Coming of Age of the Mission Critical Edge

By Pavan Singh | VP Product Management on May 24, 2022 10:50:46 AM

The Mission Critical Edge (MCE) is at a transitionary or “coming of age” stage in its lifecycle. Note that this is a Lynx term that I had coined two years ago. If you see references to “Mission Critical Intelligent Edge”, they really round the same phenomenon. Mission Critical Edge refers to the infrastructure required to design, develop, deploy, and maintain mission critical systems such as avionics, satellites, autonomous vehicles, and critical infrastructure. The mission critical systems are making the transition from being inherently embedded to now requiring the best of both embedded and edge worlds:

Deterministic real-time and immutability, safety certifiability, and security compliance, delivered as standalone operating systems based or bare-metal workloads

Combining embedded and with cloud connected and dynamic workloads such as machine learning, security monitoring that require immutable virtual machines running next to containerized or bare-metal based applications

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