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The Covid-19 Effect: Running an engineering organization from home

By Arun Subbarao | VP Engineering on Apr 20, 2020 1:47:50 PM

As I sat down to pen my first blog entry for Lynx Software Technologies, I found myself naturally inclined to debate the merits and trade-offs of the latest technology advancement. Instead, based on some gentle prodding by Ian (our VP Marketing), I found myself reflecting on the operational challenges of working from home for the engineering organization. As we enter the 7th week of involuntary isolation, the Lynx Engineering organization has stepped up to this challenge to ensure no loss of continuity for our customers who depend on the technology benefits, quality and timeliness of our deliveries. I wanted to share some stories from the trenches as we surmount challenges with communication, equipment handling and onboarding new hires while continuing to deliver industry-leading technology and products that are highly coveted within our customer base.

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