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James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer

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Best Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Vendors (2020)

By James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer on May 8, 2020 2:16:17 PM


Lynx Software Technologies has built and supported real-time operating systems (RTOSes) since 1988. We have witnessed hardware and embedded software technologies evolve and have supported our customers through the design, development, integration, certification, deployment, and support of software systems across mission-critical applications in avionics, industrial, automotive, medical, and other markets. We talk with many different companies across these markets every year. Over time, we have learned that— depending on the type of system being built—our technologies and products may not always provide the best fit. And that’s OK.

We want you to choose Lynx products because they make the most sense for your project and understanding your options is critical to that process.

It is not uncommon for companies to ask us, "If we were to not use your products, who would you recommend?" Therefore,  with our customers in mind—and with a sincere respect to the companies listed below—here is a list of who we regard as our most solid competitors in the safety-critical embedded systems space, in alphabetical order.

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Embedded Best Practices at Arm Tech-con

By James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer on Oct 17, 2019 2:13:00 PM


Lynx participated in this year’s Arm TechCon with a booth in the expo hall, where we demoed Lynx MOSA.ic and its components — LynxSecure®, Buildroot Linux, LynxOS-178®, and Lynx Simple Applications (which are bare-metal apps).  It was great to see people walk down the hallways and stop in the aisle to examine the Automotive demo and Industrial demos.

The concepts behind the demos apply across multiple industries and use cases; we simply chose to highlight these concepts in the context of these two markets for the purpose of putting together the demos.  For more information on the Automotive demo, you can read Chris Barlow's blog post.  Below you can see a close-up of the architectural graphic shown on the notebook’s screen:

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What Are POSIX Processes and Virtual Memory?

By James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer on Oct 11, 2019 10:31:00 AM


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Field Notes: Sept 2019 Face™ TIM

By James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer on Sep 24, 2019 2:24:00 PM


Last week I was able to spend several days at the Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and consortium meetings.  For those who are not familiar with either the Open Group or FACE™, the Open Group is a global consortium of hundreds of tool vendors, systems integrators, academics, researchers, and consultants aimed at developing open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications for various industries, including Defense & Aerospace.

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What Are the Benefits of POSIX for Embedded Systems?

By James Deutch | Principal Field Applications Engineer on Sep 20, 2019 10:33:00 AM


Lynx Software Technologies is committed to open standards. POSIX®—an open standard based on UNIX operating systems and their APIs—brings a powerful set of features and capabilities to the table for embedded application development, resulting in benefits to software vendors such as ourselves as well as to our customers. The following list is a brief set of answers to the question “What are the benefits of POSIX” to our customers—the builders of complex safety- and security-critical embedded software systems.

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