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Automakers must securely integrate increasing numbers of advanced software technologies into next generation connected and autonomous vehicles.

One of many tasks is to integrate existing safety-critical systems into modern and traditional automotive architectures by using heterogeneous, multi-core SoCs, without compromising safety, security, and real-time requirements.

LynxSecure is precisely engineered to separate automotive systems performing critical computing functions into secure virtual environments, allowing them to run simultaneously and safely.

OEMs are empowered by LynxSecure to integrate modern SoCs into their automotive software designs to re-use existing safety-critical systems and bring in new software technologies without compromise.

Collaborating with ETAS, LynxSecure has been integrated with their proven safety-critical AUTOSAR-compliant technology providing a unique safe and secure software platform for heterogeneous computing in a vehicle.

Protected and isolated within the lightweight virtual machine containers of LynxSecure, the RTA-BSW AUTOSAR stack from ETAS can now safely and securely host safety-critical applications alongside complex ADAS functions into the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles.


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