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Lynx and NXP have partnered closely to ensure our LYNX MOSA.ic software framework (hypervisor, real-time operating system, Linux, and tools) has been optimized for members of NXP’s LayerScape (Arm-based) product family as well as the Txxx family of power architecture products. Our collaboration extends beyond development to include certification work, including commitments to take our LynxSecure hypervisor to DO-178C DAL A certification. Several aerospace and defense customers use the popular NXP LayerScape 1046A Processor, and this has been where our work has focused.

More recently, aerospace companies are focusing on cybersecurity certifications such as DO-356, as data gateways need to support secure communication of data outside the plan to enhance the passenger experience as well as improve the effectiveness with which critical information required by the crew (passenger manifests, flight plans, etc.) is exchanged when the plane is on the ground.