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Easing the integration for a customer that is leveraging virtual environment

MOSAic BG 02


In early July 2023, Lynx released a package of software for evaluation by customers and partners that:

  • Disaggregates LYNX MOSA.ic into a set of micro services
  • Provides support for virtual environments as a first-class citizen as compared with physical hardware
  • Enables customers to create software on servers for Linux and LynxOS-178 

This release, which we call VIE (Virtual Integration Environment), eases the integration for a customer that is leveraging virtual environments.  
For companies that are new to Lynx, this reduces the barrier to get started with LYNX MOSA.ic, since it removes the need to procure a physical board. For customers that have committed to use LYNX MOSA.ic, this new software enables customers to create a Cloud based workflow (initially on-prem, we are committed to adding support for Azure later this year and will work with the market to determine what other options need to be provided). Effectively this is an SDK that enables the development and debugging of Linux and LynxOS-178 applications on QEMU for both Intel and Arm targets.
The diagram below shows how the system is envisioned to be configured. The Lynx DevOps Server hosts the Virtual Target Emulator. There is a Linux hosted QEMU and vSwitch is used to support the LYNX MOSA.ic RTOS or LynxElement (Unikernel) runtime environments. This provides accurate emulation of POSIX/ANSI calls 
Client/Server Lynx Target Services (LTS) utility allows users to create/delete and start/stop LynxOS-178 or Unikernel images. Lynx provides a CLI and Python APIs to control this.  



To use this package of software, customers would: 

  • Deploy the Lynx DevOps Server with the Virtual Target Emulator and Manager
  • Deploy the client side of the Virtual Target Manager on the MfA CDK workstations
  • Build LynxOS-178, Unikernel and Buildroot Linux images
  • Use CLI to upload and run the images on the Virtual Target Emulator
  • Script the deployment and execution of images on the virtual target for CI/CD 



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