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Lynx has been partnering closely with Xilinx (now a wholly owned part of AMD) for a number of years. Customers in the aerospace and defense fields like the combination of powerful compute with the flexibility to add custom interfaces and hardware accelerators. Lynx made a commitment to support Xilinx’s Arm’s UltraScale+ and MPSoC platforms as one of the first hardware targets for Lynx’s LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor, as shown here in late 2018.

With customers such as General Atomics harnessing the LYNX MOSA.ic software platform for its Gray Eagle drones and others writing secure, efficient bare metal code for safety critical applications, the Xilinx family is one of the most popular System on Chips (SoCs) that we support. We will be announcing a deepening relationship with Xilinx during 2023!