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There have been two main threads around our partnership with LDRA:

  1. Structural coverage analysis, also known as code coverage analysis, provides a measure of the extent to which software code has been exercised under specific test conditions. It generally refers to source code, but it can also reference object code verification. Several of our tier 1 customers who are creating complex mission critical platforms need this type of code coverage analysis.

  2. From its formation, Lynx has been a believer in open standards. LDRA is a verification authority that supports the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE). They act as an independent 3rd party to validate that Lynx’s LynxOS-178 software is truly conformant to this standard. This reduces vendor lock in for OEMs as there is an ability to preserve their investment in software for reuse on new systems. It also drives innovation inside the ecosystem as companies must continue to evolve in order to win a customer’s business.