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The growing complexity of connected devices and the fact that most of them contain a combination of legacy, 3rd-party, and new code make it more difficult for teams to develop, augment, and maintain software. 

Lynx is a customer of CodeSecure for their CodeSonar product. The visualization this provides helps us look at code and quickly learn how it's organized and how it works. We are also partnering with the market to discuss software bill of materials (SBOM). Many of our federal, avionics, and military customers are using open-source software, which, while bringing substantial benefits, can also provide several challenges, including security risk and intellectual property (IP) rights. 

A new category of software tools called Software Composition Analysis (SCA) has arisen to detect 3rd party components being incorporated into a platform and highlight where some potential issues may lie. This is where CodeSecure’s CodeSentry product is focused. 

“When you are manufacturing goods, a car, equipment, a printer, medications, they have a BOM (Bill of Materials), a QA manual, and other accompanying documentation. Software development is also about producing goods and we need to go through the same kind of discipline and approach,” he says. “Now that an executive order has pushed the industry to do so, the SBOM (Software BOM) will be the manifest about everything you have in your software system and where it came from.”
Michel Genard
Lynx Board Member