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LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics Provides Foundation For Collins Aerospace Perigon Computer

San Jose, California - July 20, 2021

Lynx Software Technologies, an innovator in modern platform software technologies, today announced that Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies business, has selected the LYNX MOSA.icTM for Avionics framework as the foundation for its next-generation PerigonTM flight control and vehicle management computer.

Perigon will have the ability to provide 20 times the processing power of Collins’ existing flight control computers, thousands of which are currently in service on a multitude of platforms worldwide. Combined with its open-system design, Perigon’s high computing power will allow customers to load it with a variety of complex software applications, including autonomous and fly-by-wire flight control, cybersecurity, vehicle management and predictive health maintenance. The modular, open system approach of the LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics framework will provide a robust, modular foundation for Perigon, easing future adaptation to a wide variety of applications including those certifiable to DO-178C DAL A.

Commenting, Gurjot Singh, CEO of Lynx Software Technologies, said, “Lynx is honored to extend its long history of collaboration with Collins Aerospace with the selection of the LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics framework for this ground-breaking program. LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics was selected because its advanced architecture significantly lowers the effort, cost and risk of developing, certifying and maintaining safety-critical avionics applications deployed on multicore processors.”

Will Keegan, CTO of Lynx Software Technologies, added, “LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics provides a simpler foundation for hosting safety-critical applications by giving developers the ability to integrate software components, with precise control over how these components are deployed on multicore processors. For Collins Aerospace, the ability to deploy safety-critical control algorithms as independent bare metal applications enables developers and evaluators to measure the interference between software components and ensure that critical applications will meet their timing deadlines."

About LYNX MOSA.ic

LYNX MOSA.ic is the framework for development and integration of complex multi-core safety or security systems. Built on the LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor, LYNX MOSA.ic supports a variety of operating systems such as LynxOS-178®, Linux®, Windows®, third-party RTOSes, and bare metal applications including Lynx Simple Applications. LYNX MOSA.ic runs on Intel®, Arm® and PowerPC®. LYNX MOSA.ic is offered as tailored bundles to support specific use cases: LYNX MOSA.ic for Industrial, LYNX MOSA.ic for UAVs/Satellites, and LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics for aerospace and defense.

About Lynx Software Technologies

Lynx Software Technologies is the premier Mission Critical Edge company that enables safe, secure and high-performance environments for global customers in aerospace and automotive, enterprise and industrial markets. Since 1988, companies have trusted Lynx’s real-time operating system, virtualization and system certification experience, which uniquely enables mixed criticality systems to be harnessed and deliver deterministic real-time performance and intelligent decision-making. Together with a growing set of technology partners, Lynx is realizing a new class of Mission Critical Edge systems that keep people and valuable data protected, at every moment. For more information, visit


Lynx Software Technologies is a trademark and LynxOS and LYNX MOSA.ic are registered trademarks of Lynx Software Technologies, Inc. Other brand or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective holders.

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