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77% of Americans Believe Their Company Has Security Gaps

Lynx Software Technologies survey reveals managers and execs are concerned about internal and external network threats

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sept. 16, 2021 - Nearly eight in 10 Americans (77%) believe their company has gaps in its current security tools, according to Lynx Software Technologies (Lynx) survey findings announced today. 

Lynx, an innovator in modern platform software technologies, commissioned a survey of 500 Americans in managerial and executive roles that sought their opinions on the security of their companies and industry as a whole. The results found that 89% are concerned about external security threats to their company, and nearly the same amount, 86%, are concerned about threats from inside.

“Now more than ever, it is incredibly important that employees feel like they can trust the security of their corporate networks,” said Arun Subbarao, vice president of engineering and technology at Lynx Software Technologies. “Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay, and organizations need to ensure not only that their corporate network infrastructure is secure, but also verify that every endpoint - from printers at HQ, to laptops and tablets in each employee’s home - are protected as well.”

COVID-19 and virtual workplaces have raised concerns around cyber safety as revealed by a Lynx survey earlier this year, which found a large majority of working Americans (69%) were more worried about cybersecurity risks during COVID-19 than they were before the pandemic. Today’s results indicate these concerns might be valid as nearly one in five (19%) respondents said their company has become less secure since the onset of the pandemic, and 21% said corporate security has remained the same. Furthermore, fewer than seven in 10 (69%) believe their company is ready to fend off an outside security threat.

This was revealed alongside the finding that only 10% of respondents did not believe hackers are  a threat to their industry, citing the top three risks for companies in their industry were cyber attack (61%), outdated technology (50%) and physical safety of the workforce (49%). 

These issues are top of mind for employees as 27% said the security of their company crosses their mind while working at least once a week and 77% said they think employees at a more senior level than them are worried about the threats present in their industry. Yet, only 67% said their company has plans to significantly improve its security in the next 12 months. 

While respondents indicated that their company has currently invested money in security (65%), remote workforce tools (56%) and Industry 4.0 advancements (44%), one in five said their company is not spending enough on security in the next year.

Additional survey findings include:

  • Only 54% of respondents said they are very familiar with mission-critical security, but 70% say it is very important to their industry.
  • 52% said edge computing can make their company’s security safer.
  • Only 57% of respondents said their company has technology to recognize and mitigate zero day threats.

To help organizations gain security, Lynx Software Technologies’ LynxSafe works as a family of products that enables enterprise IT teams to apply Lynx’s expertise in secure mission critical systems to end-points. Its first product focuses on secure laptops and creating isolated partitions that can run multiple security functions and secure operating systems. Learn more: 

LynxSecure® Separation Kernel Hypervisor | Lynx Software Technologies

Survey Methodology:

Findings are based on a Pollfish survey of 500 Americans currently in manager or executive roles. The survey ran on Sept. 2, 2021.

About Lynx Software Technologies

Lynx Software Technologies is the premier Mission Critical Edge company that enables safe, secure and high-performance environments for global customers in aerospace and automotive, enterprise and industrial markets. Since 1988, companies have trusted Lynx’s real-time operating system, virtualization and system certification experience, which uniquely enables mixed criticality systems to be harnessed and deliver deterministic real-time performance and intelligent decision-making. Together with a growing set of technology partners, Lynx is realizing a new class of Mission Critical Edge systems that keep people and valuable data protected, at every moment. For more information, visit

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