Internet of Things (IoT)

As billions of ‘things’ are connected to the internet, a new paradigm of security is required. Lynx offers real-time military-grade security products to protect the edge, the gateway and cloud devices while protecting any sensitive data as it traverses the IoT. Key Markets: Automotive, Industrial, Factory Automation, Medical and Transportation.


Enterprise Cyber Security

To fight modern day malicious threats, security needs to be built-in rather than bolt-on. Lynx offers isolation technology that can be implemented in endpoint and cloud deployments to separate and protect critical enterprise infrastructure. This isolation technology separates sensitive information from the key attack points and denies infiltration and exfiltration attempts.


Aerospace, Avionics & Defense

Lynx provides certified avionics RTOS solutions based on open standards such as POSIX, ARINC and FACE that allow reusability of certified code and systems. The FAA Reusable Software Component (RSC) has only been issued to one RTOS – LynxOS-178 from Lynx Software Technologies. The LynxOS 7.0 RTOS and LynxSecure separation kernel technologies were designed to provide the highest levels of security without compromising performance and real-time determinism.



Giving developers the safety-certifiable operating system environment that they require to support their safety-critical applications.

With the increasing reliance on technology and communications in train control systems, the use of proven safety-critical software solutions is becoming very relevant to developers of PTC systems. Being able to use a deterministic real-time operating system that has an avionics certification pedigree, such as LynxOS-178, that also allows safety partitioning of processes in a running control system, gives developers the assurance of safety, reliability and deterministic performance required for their PTC systems.