Using a Secure Separation Kernel Hypervisor for IoT Gateways Application Note 2016-01-15T09:32:29-07:00

[dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#0057b8″ size=”50px”]W[/dropcaps]ith the number of devices being connected to the Internet increasing daily, bringing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) to reality, we hear about securing the IoT with almost the same frequency.

At Lynx, we have been offering our LynxSecure Separation Kernel to manufacturers of gateways to take advantage of military-grade isolation technology to securely separate the two networks even though they are both connected to the same physical hardware. To fully understand how this technology can protect an IoT gateway, an understanding of the security features of LynxSecure is necessary, and then examples of how those features can be applied to protect the IoT gateway and network can be explored.

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