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Several Lynx Software Technologies products require the use of a license manager. A partially filled out license key request form (DOC-1127-05) is provided with your shipment. A blank license key request form is also provided on the Documentation CD-ROM.

Note: All Lynx Software Technologies products that use FLEXnet Publisher licensing software are provided license keys on an annual basis. License keys generally expire every 12 months and require renewal. The license key renewal will most often be triggered by the product’s annual support renewal date.

  1. Fill out this FLEXlm License Key Request Form or you can download FLEXlm License Key Request Form
  2. The lmhostid and hostname of each installation system is required, in addition to the contact name, email address, and phone number of the requestor
  3. Collecting the license information requires the installation of the FLEXlm v11.4 CD-ROM (MED-3083-01) provided with your product shipment. Once this CD-ROM is installed, you will be able to collect the necessary license information and populate the remaining applicable sections of the license key request form, either floating or node-locked.
  4. Send the completed form to Lynx Software Technologies, by email or fax. To send by email, you can scan the completed form and send it or populate the blank license key request form provided on the Documentation CD-ROM and email it to license ^at lnxw dot! com For fax, simply fax a hard copy of the filled-out form to +1 408 979-3920
  5. Receive the license from Lynx Software Technologies. Lynx Software Technologies will verify your license key submission and provide you with a license key within 24 – 48 hours.

For additional product installation information, please refer to the Lynx Software Technologies product Installation Guide provided on the Documentation CD-ROM.