Safety & Security for the Connected World

LynuxWorks is now Lynx Software Technologies! I believe the new name offers the best representation of the company’s forward direction as the LynxOS RTOS family of products and the LynxSecure hypervisor continue to gain increased traction both with our current customers and markets, and now within the new Internet connected embedded world.

With the advent of Internet of Things and the desire to have everything connected, there is now a real security strain on how we use the embedded devices of today and tomorrow. The constant media stories of major security breaches in our connected world are really starting to show quite how exposed we really are to the advanced cyber threats and attackers of today, and how close it is to our seemingly safe embedded world. The “Target” security breach that stole information on millions of our credit cards was using compromised point of sale terminals, which are essentially embedded systems. A potentially bigger concern than the theft of financial information is the warning issued by the FDA on vulnerabilities in medical devices, which with the increase in connected and tele-medicine, could become the norm in the next few years.

At Lynx Software Technologies, we are helping embedded developers build security into the next generation of connected devices by delivering military-grade security functionality in the latest version of LynxOS.  Lynx Software Technologies also offers a secure virtualization platform with our LynxSecure product that now has built in protection against some of the nastiest and stealthiest threats – the Rootkit, and we have recently announced a Rootkit Detection System (RDS) appliance based on this technology that can be used by security organizations to offer an early warning of these advanced threats entering an enterprise .  Assuming that everything in our world will be connected, we at Lynx Software Technologies are doing our best to keep your world safe and secure.