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Incremental modernization projects (IMP) are system wide technical upgrade projects that aim to keep long-term fielded platforms safe and operationally viable, while looking to apply new technologies to improve system performance, operational readiness, and reduce capital and operational costs.

A strong strategy for achieving IMP objectives is to integrate commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) components to existing infrastructure. The COTS strategy is a cost controlling and risk reduction strategy that allows system integrators to reuse existing infrastructure and apply already proven technology for faster project resolution and reduce cost in custom development cycles.

LynxSecure is a COTS solution that brings great innovation to cost saving and performance enhancing efforts like IMP. The following sections describe LynxSecure’s role in serving three major objectives of incremental modernization projects – Cost Reduction, Incremental Adaptation, and Modernization.

Cost Reduction

Size Weight and Power (SWaP) Reduction – A primary use case of the LynxSecure technology is platform consolidation. LynxSecure is a virtualization technology which allows multiple varieties of operating systems to reliably coexist on a single platform. Virtualization directly reduces the capital cost of redundant computing and network infrastructures that required a dedicated computing platform for every operating system instance. Operational costs are reduced by having fewer computing platforms and less network infrastructure, power, and cooling systems to maintain.

COTS Compatibility – LynxSecure is a COTS software solution that is compatible with Intel based COTS computing platforms which include – server, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Solutions developed on LynxSecure benefit in the ability to scale across a variety of low cost COTS computing platforms appropriately designed for the end user and operational environment.

Incremental Adaptation

Reuse Existing Applications – Through LynxSecure’s full OS virtualization capability, system integrators are able to combine their existing operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, and Solaris) and applications in parallel with other operating systems without having to make modifications to the OS or applications. Reusing existing applications plays a major role in success to IMP by drastically reducing potential software development efforts and simplifying technical integration milestones for controlled and agile project planning.

Minimal Hardware Dependence – LynxSecure’s unique Separation Kernel architecture removes all need of device driver support in LynxSecure. All device drivers are supported in the guest OSs. This capability gives integrators greater flexibility in selecting or migrating to new computing platforms, in that LynxSecure does not require modification to port to new computing platforms.


System Innovation – Using both LynxSecure’s virtualization capabilities and development tools, integrators can enhance existing infrastructures by consolidating platforms to reduce infrastructure and add new capabilitiets. Through virtualization, multiple systems can be designed to run on the same computing platforms to reduce latency in network based transactions, and operate closer to need-to-know information. Current and future operating systems and applications can be added without redesigning or retro-fitting physical infrastructure. Using the development tools, high assurance components can be developed and composed to create MILS based architectures to enhance system security and reliability.

Security Enhancement – LynxSecure’s most differentiating property among competing virtualization technologies is its unique security architecture and built-in security features. Many military information systems have hard restrictions on information processing designs which impose cost increasing requirements such as machine separation and additional security appliances, which drastically limit potential platform mission capabilities. LynxSecure’s innovative design provides a virtualization foundation with high levels of assurance to allow integrators to host critical applications in evaluatable and provably secure computing environments. With LynxSecure’s secure foundation and custom development tools, integrators have the ability to develop consolidated security solutions that replace cost prohibitive technologies and add new mission capabilities on existing physical infrastructure.