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VectorCAST Test Automation Platform integrations with LynxOS, LynxOS-178 and LynxSecure provides the most complete approach to testing, productivity, and software quality. Software development organizations needing to solve complex quality problems use VectorCAST to perform dynamic software testing. Our continuous research in software testing reduces the tedium, labor and test burden for individual developers by automating and standardizing component level testing. This innovative technology truly represents the “next generation” of intelligent test tools for C, C++ and Ada.

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Regression Test Management
  • Massively Parallel Testing (Emulators or Simulators)
  • Continuous Integration
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Target Test Execution (native or cross-platform)
  • Coding Standards Enforcement
  • Change Based Regression Testing
  • Agile Test Driven Development

VectorCAST consistently delivers manageable, repeatable outcomes enabling improved productivity, reduced risk, and maximized ROI. Founded 1989 by embedded software engineers.

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