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Since its inception in 1988, Lynx Software Technologies has continually provided leading edge technology to help embedded developers bring their new and innovative products to market.  The LynxOS family of operating systems are built on proprietary technology that offers industry leading performance for a high functionality RTOS, that also has an open standards POSIX API as its native interface.  The LynxOS RTOS, now entering into its seventh generation of product, supports the latest multi-core architectures, networking interfaces and now includes advanced security functionality to power and protect the next generation of connected embedded devices.

When Lynx Software Technologies started to design LynxSecure in 2004, a significant decision was taken to build this new product from the ground up, rather than re-using the LynxOS technology, so that it could meet the highest security functionality and also bring new technology to allow developers to easily adopt virtualization as part of their secure designs.  The LynxSecure technology, now in it’s 5thgeneration, is proving to be another industry leading solution for high performance, ultra-secure designs that are now required in our high-threat world.