Industry Standards 2015-12-28T12:25:53-07:00

Since its inception in 1988, Lynx Software Technologies has been a leading supporter of industry standards that relate to the real-time operating system (“RTOS”) and secure virtualization communities. Although our operating-system kernel technologies are proprietary, they are designed to allow maximum application portability within the embedded OS industry by supporting open standards and APIs.

The LynxOS® family of RTOS solutions includes LynxOS for general embedded applications, LynxOS-178 for safety-critical embedded applications, and LynxOS-SE for security-oriented embedded applications. All of these RTOS products support the highly successful Portable Operating System Interface (“POSIX®”) open standard which helps to ensure application portability between many operating systems in the industry.

For the avionics industry, the LynxOS-178 safety-critical RTOS supports the FAA DO-178B/C industry standards for development assurance levels A (Catastrophic) through E (No Effect). LynxOS-178 is the only RTOS to have met the FAA’s Reusable Software Component (“RSC”) standards and be awarded RSC status. LynxOS-178 also supports the ARINC-653 standard specification for system time and space partitioning in an RTOS and the newly developed Future Airborne Capability Environment (“FACE”) standards for portable avionics applications.

LynxSecure, our Separation Kernel Hypervisor, provides full virtualization support to easily run industry-standard unmodified operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and most RTOSes. LynxSecure was developed to conform to the NSA’s Separation Kernel Protection Profile (“SKPP”) providing stringent requirements for high-assurance separation kernels.

Since 1999, all Lynx Software Technologies products have been developed following the industry-standard ISO9001 quality-management system for best-in-class design, development, test, replication, and support of packaged software and related product documentation.

By supporting a variety of industry standards, Lynx Software Technologies enables our customers to quickly develop and deploy sophisticated real-time embedded systems using familiar APIs and ensuring that their applications will be portable to future hardware with minimal efforts.