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Software Engineer

Test Development & Automation



Lynx Software Technologies is seeking a Software Engineer to develop software tests and test automation infrastructure in a mixture of programming languages and environments. The Software Engineer will work with the LynxSecure® team to enhance the coverage and quality of the product’s test suite. In addition, the Software Engineer will automate the test suite to provide timely feedback regarding product quality to both the development team and product management.


A successful applicant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Development and maintenance of tests to validate product features at all levels (unit tests, subsystem tests, system tests)
  • Development and maintenance of tests to measure the performance of various product subsystems (network, storage, etc.)
  • Development and maintenance of test automation software and infrastructure (including reporting)



A successful applicant must have:

  • Strong knowledge of the C Programming language
  • Strong knowledge of one or more scripting languages (Python, Perl)
  • B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)

Additionally, applicants with the following skills and experience are preferred:

  • Familiarity with Jenkins build automation & Autotest test automation framework in Linux
  • Prior experience developing and maintaining software test automation infrastructure
  • Prior experience developing embedded and/or systems-level software in Linux
  • Prior experience writing and maintaining software test plans