LynxSecure allows developers to quickly build and maintain high assurance systems out of COTS components through its unique hardware support design and virtualization support.

Portable COTS Hardware Support

LynxSecure is a highly portable virtualization platform that supports any Intel hardware platform with a VT-x capable processor. LynxSecure features a unique driverless kernel model such that allows system device drivers run unmodified in the guest OSs. This unique future-proof design allows developers to quickly migrate to new hardware platforms with new processors and peripheral devices without requiring any changes to LynxSecure.

COTS OS and Application Reuse

LynxSecure supports full guest OS virtualization which allows multiple off the shelf operating systems to run unmodified on the same hardware platform. Through virtualization developers have the ultimate freedom to reuse existing legacy components and/or choose new operating system and applications that best suit their design.

LynxSecure's Cost Saving and Performance Enhancing Benefits for Incremental Modernization Projects.