LynxSecure has an established security pedigree through product maturity, certification, and security evaluation support. LynxSecure is designed for use in security critical environments and supports a multitude of defense applications that require constant security evaluation support. Lynx Software Technologies provides LynxSecure certification artifacts and certification professional services to assist customers through their security system evaluations.

Benefits of LynxSecure in Certified Systems

The goal of maintaining security critical systems is to ensure that state of the evaluated trusted code base remains intact through the lifecycle of the system. This becomes a very difficult and expensive problem to solve when the system lifecycle poses significant changes to the trusted codebase due to configuration options, hardware upgrades, and software upgrades. Traditional monolithic systems where the software runtime environment and hardware control are linked into the trusted codebase are subject to extreme assurance maintenance costs. LynxSecure is designed to solve this cost of assurance problem though a highly portable hardware support model and independent software runtime support layer that allows system designs to be upgradeable and easily re-evaluated.

Minimal Platform Dependence

LynxSecure does not include device drivers in the trusted kernel. All device support is handled in the user guest OSs. By abstracting hardware dependency from LynxSecure, systems can be upgraded and moved to new hardware platforms, avoiding the cost of developing expensive board support packages that can also impact the security state of the trusted code base and require reevaluation of the separation kernel.

Application Independence

LynxSecure does not directly host guest OSs or application runtimes in the separation kernel. All guest OSs and application support is self-contained within subject partitions. Whenever systems designs require support for new application libraries or virtualization, feature modification can be made to the system without impacting the security architecture and require reevaluation of the system design.

Rapid Evaluation

LynxSecure drastically reduces the cost of evaluating solutions with a small trusted code base and the cost of maintaining security solutions by allowing system capabilities to evolve through the adoption of new hardware devices and new applications without impacting the security enforcing logic.