Debug, diagnose and optimize embedded system performance. Monitor all the events on your embedded system with SpyKer™, the first dynamically instrumented system trace tool. SpyKer provides information on the interaction between tasks, patterns of execution of the processor and timing of system activities. Developers can understand what is executing in a system over time, track down elusive application bugs and fine-tune the performance of embedded systems. SpyKer allows you to:
  • Comprehend the timing of events in your embedded Linux® or LynxOS® system— fast, transparent collection of timing information
  • Track down elusive embedded application bugs— easy, anytime visibility into program execution
  • Fine-tune the performance of your embedded system— accurate, actionable information lets you build a more reliable product
With SpyKer™, you gain a better understanding by observing low-level systems operations. You can improve your embedded application—and the functional tests that you run against it.